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Friday, October 7, 2011

Kim Han Sol, grandson of Kim Jong Il, planning to study at UWC in Bosnia

Kim Han Sol, from his facebook page
I saw the big news a couple days ago in my email box: a high school friend told me that, according to a local newspaper in Bosnia, Kim Han Sol will be attending UWC Mostar. I remember that this school was about to close some two years ago due to lack of funds, and only after operating for a year or so.

As far as I understand, Kim Han Sol may very well be the first ever DPRK student to attend a UWC (United World College). I wish him good luck, as moving to Bosnia from Macau may pose some challenges. On the other hand I'm quite sure he will have no problems fitting into the international environment. If Kim Han Sol gets the visa, he will likely stay in Bosnia for two years.

Just for the record, there is a UWC school in Shatin, Hong Kong, just next door to Macau where Han Sol has been living and studying. However, HK authorities will not issue a student visa to DPRK nationals.

ps.: I haven't given up on this site, it's just that I am in China where blogger is banned. have to use VPN. Also, I almost joined a Chinese group to the DPRK, but ended up not going in the last minute due to personal issues.


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