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Sunday, July 17, 2011

North Korea celebrating 50th anniversary of treaty with China

The DPRK was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Mutual Assistance Treaty with China.
This treaty was created to ensure cooperation in economic and technological field, thus driving both countries forward. Also inculded was a clause of a different type: the promise of mutual military assistance in a time of war.
This is what Pyongyang was celebrating today.

In China however, there was not much celebration, the event was only marked by a low-key visit from Korean officials.

Since it is in China's best interest to maintain stability on the penninsula, not emphasising the military assistance part of the treaty is quite understandable. It has become clear that China would most likely not rush to save its ally should the DPRK find itself in an all-out with the ROK/US.On the other hand, China would not like to cause further anxiety to the DPRK by removing the military assistance clause from the treaty. Thus, silence is their best way of dealing with this problem right now.

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  1. Fifty years of progress in China vs ??? in North Korea. :|


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