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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Casinos of Myanmar

On the streets of Yangon. © by me
Myanmar is not a rich country, a fact mainly due to the unreasonable and groundless sanctions imposed upon it by the western world. Facing insurgency in many states of this vast country, the Government had to agree to some concessions. One of the rebel groups who was offered and accepted ceasefire was the National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA).

They now retain full control over the border town of Mongla and surrounding areas. As if stepping into a another country, the visitor will have to exchange his money into Chinese currency before entering this territory of warlords, as RMB is the legal tender here.

This is no wonder as it is the yuan that helped build this town up. Casinos are seen everywhere serving a Chinese clientele, who until recently could freely enter the area. 

See some more info and great pictures here: 

Fun fact: due to recent fighting the area is sealed off to anyone but locals. It seems no longer possible to come in from Kengtung. The Chinese can still cross from China though.


  1. Interesting post, added to MC. Will check back for more.

  2. an unfortunate situation. :(

  3. what a sad situation for any country to be in

  4. well China is always fascinating


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